Workshops & Presentations

Ein Vortrag unter freiem Himmel auf dem AlpenKlang-Rausch. Foto: Ernst Bimminger

At Alpen-KlangRausch everyone is welcome to give workshops or presentations.

If you would like to be announced with a workshop or a presentation, please contact us by e-mail, so that we can discuss your workshop or lecture with you and announce on this website and on site.

We take care of the announcement and coordination of the contributions, but of course you can start on the spot just spontaneously. It is important to take into account that  contributions arranged with with us in advance have priority over spontaneous contributions.

The duration of workshops or talks should be not more than two hours to clear space for other offers.

Link to further hints for the providers of activities


Workshops & presentations 2018


  • Polish dances — Szalone ONE (Facebook)
  • historic dances (Renaissance & Barock) — Un Altra Volta
  • Greek/Balkan-Dance-workshop — Fritz Eberl
  • First steps for dancing - "Survival on the dancefloor" — Simon Wascher
  • Sorbian Dances — Serbska Reja — Beth Fogleman, Clemens Isensee, Robin Brück


Something completely different:

  • Self-made cosmetics - Mix you own lotions and balsams — Bärbel Reinhardt


Workshop im Saal des Koglerhof. Foto: Ernst Bimminger
Workshop im Saal. Foto: Ernst Bimminger