Shuttle service

A shuttle service from Ternberg Bahnhof (Ternberg rail station) is provided.

The transport service from the station Ternberg is carried out with shared transports. The shared transports are coordinated according to the reservations and are carried out only for the selected trains, every other hour. 
A trip with the shuttle, for whatever purpose, costs 3 Euro per person and direction.

If you wish to be picked up from the train station, please contact us as soon as possible (even month's ahead). We kindly ask you if possible  to join already scheduled shuttle sevices, which are marked with an *.

If you would like to be picked up from one of these trains, please contact us by e-mail to: <info AT alpenklangrausch PUNKT at> or by SMS to: +43 681.10 30 70 90

The selection of trains was done to be suiteable for people who travel from far away, for whom there are no hourly connections. Since connections from Salzburg, Linz or Vienna are also available at these hours, please join.

For groups of people travelling together (5 persons or more) we are happy to arrange shuttle service at other times too.
Please let us know if possible if anything changes.
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Ternberg  arr 17:27

Ternberg  arr 19:27



Ternberg  arr 13:27

Ternberg  arr 15:27

Ternberg  arr 17:27 

Ternberg  arr 19:27

Ternberg  arr 11:06

Ternberg  arr 13:06



(departure Koglerhof xx:20)

Ternberg dep 12:53

Ternberg dep 14:53

Ternberg dep 16:53

Ternberg dep 18:53

(departure Koglerhof xx:05)

Ternberg dep  08:31

Ternberg dep 10:31







It is not at all possible to be at the station at one of these times and still want to be picked up? Please let us know, we will try to organise a ride, but unfortunately we can't promise anything. Maybe you can find something on