Program forecast

Unsere Programmprognose. Foto: Andreas Seyfang
The program is created from your contributions
So if you like to play out to dance, give a workshop or a concert or another performance, give a lecture or exhibit something, you can do so at any time.
We take care of the announcement and coordination of the contributions, but of course you can also start spontaneously on the spot. It is important to note that contributions agreed with us in advance have priority over spontaneous contributions. 
Contact us by e-mail to plan your contribution in advance.  
We are happy to be able to announce contributions as early as possible on the Alpen-KlangRausch website. But it is also a good idea to send us an e-mail  as early as possible as there is only limited  "rainproof" spaces for contributions.
First workshop is expected to be Friday, 15 to 17 hrs, last concert is expected to be Sunday 21 hrs.