• Early bird (ends on 15/6): your fee (minimum 32€)
  • Standard (ends on 31/7): your fee (minimum 38€)
  • on-site: 55€
  • Children till 14th birthday: donate as you see fit
  • Costs for camping on-site is included.
  • The transfer receipt is your ticket.

Your fee

We want the Alpen-KlangRausch to be affordable. What’s affordable depends heavily on your circumstances. We believe you know best what’s affordable for you and how much you can contribute.

We reach break-even if on average everyone pays a fee of

45€ per person

A bigger amount offsets smaller fees from those that could not participate otherwise and helps us to realise long-term improvements of the festival. The minimal fee is 32€. If even this minimum hinders you from participating please tell us directly via

The following questions may help you to figure out how much to give:

  • What’s my regular income and what’s the wage level of my country / region? — If 45€ usually covers your expenses for a whole week then please pay less. If it’s no more than your average lunch then please contribute more than that.
  • Do I actively contribute to the Alpen-KlangRausch in other ways?
    • Do I provide a workshop?
    • Am I going to play a concert / for dancing on at least one of the evenings?