The following text summarises the most important guidelines for safe & respectful participation, please read and heed:
The Koglerhof is an inn and an organic farm.
Please respect the residents and their property for a good cooperation in the next years.
Do not walk on meadows and fields not freshly mowed or harvested, they are cultivated farm land and walkin onto may cause economic damage.
Please do not climb or the like the large foil balls / silage bales. Holes in the film may spoil the livestock stored therein.
As the Koglerhof is an inn, the preparation, consumption and carrying arround of brought or self-cooked food and drinks is only allowed in the area of ​​the tent meadow and the camping vehicles.
Please do not carry any chairs or other furniture from the inn to the outside.
Keep instruments, clothing and other possessions that are not in direct use in your own room or in your tent  or camping vehicle. Instruments can be stored in the designated room. This room is open around the clock, there is no liability for deposited items.
Escape and rescue routes, entrances and access roads in general are to be kept free.
Doing the washing up or laundry is only allowed in the area of ​​the tent meadow and the camping vehicles.
When spontaneously singing, playing music and dancing, please pay attention to each other and behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered or more disabled or harassed than unavoidably under the circumstances. Contributions announced in the Programmprognose (program forecast) take precedence over spontaneous contributions. Spontaneous contributions must therefore keep sufficient distance. In case of doubt, the decision of a representative of the team applies.
The dance floors are for dancing. If you do not dance please leave the dance floor.
In the vicinity of the tent meadow and camping vehicles please quiet down between 0h and 9h.
Please leave strong, carrying percussion instruments such as djembes at home. The terrain does not provide sufficient shielding of these instruments. As a result, such an instrument may disrupt all parallel activities, sessions and performances. Percussionists are asked to consider this when choosing their instruments and prefer to bring short-sounding, less-carrying instruments such as a cajon or a frame drum.
For the sake of legal reasons, at the Alpen-KlangRausch one may only perform music and other works (eg. texts) that are free of performance copyright. Participants who violate this must bear the resulting costs themselves. It could be that the Alpen-KlangRausch can not take place otherwise.
Please park your car in the designated areas only. Where parking is not expressly allowed its no parking. Park vehicles for camping and long-term parking only in consultation with the team. Do not drive onto the tent meadow by car.
Camping: Before spending the night in a tent or car, please read the detailed text here and take it to heart.
Smoker: Please do not throw away cigarette butts, especially in the meadows, as they could be eaten by livestock and harm them. Always dispose of cigarette butts and ashes in ashtrays.
Dogs, other pets: Lead dogs on a leash, prevent contamination by pets. Please read the detailed text here and take it to heart.
In the area of ​​the Koglerhof is a bow-sport-way. Its use is to be paid directly to the host. Please make sure you do not get in the way of the archers, this would be life-threatening dangerous.
Open fire is forbidden.
Participation in the Alpen-KlangRausch is at your own risk.
The duty to supervise underage persons lies with their legal guardians. Neither the team and its helpers, nor the landlord and his staff take responsibility for underage persons.
No liability is assumed for instruments and other objects deposited in the instrument storage or elsewhere on the site.
Effects and consequences
To exercise property rights is up to the owners of the property, the innkeeper and their employees and the team of the Alpen-KlangRausch.
Instructions of the owners of the property, the innkeeper and their employees and the team of the Alpen-KlangRausch are to be obeyed.
Failure to comply with these principles of guidelines for safe & respectful participation or disregard of instructions may result in the immediate termination of participation in Alpen-Klang-Rausch.
I have read the house rules, recognize them and would like to continue to the ...