Die Campingwiese am Koglerhof. Foto: Ernst Bimminger

However you want to spend the nights at the Alpen-KlangRausch, there is the following choice:


At the venue there are rooms for rent available in the

Please book the rooms yourself with the innkeepers. As there is only a limited number of beds available in the two local inns, we recommend booking early.

For a better coordination of the room reservations please inform the innkeepers about accompanying infants.

Overnight stays without room

To the right of the road there is a tent meadow. Camping is only allowed on this mowed meadow, this meadow is not accessible to motor vehicles. Next to it there is a parking lot for camping vehicles. There is only limited space for camping vehicles. Before arrival and when parking the vehicle, please make sure to clarify parking with the team.

The restaurant offers a breakfast buffet also for the campers.

The Koglerhof is situated at 650 meters above sea level in a saddle. The weather can change dangerously within minutes in this alpine location. Gusts of wind of 120km/h and more, heavy rain and thunderstorms have already occurred. Pay attention to hints and warnings, also inform yourself about weather warnings. If necessary, help to clear the restaurant garden and terrace quickly. In such weather events all participants have to stay in the inn, leaving it would be life threatening, for example because of breaking branches or loosening roof tiles. Therefore, even in the most beautiful weather, tents must always be put up storm-proof. Attempts to secure a tent during a thunderstorm could be life-threatening.

For the campers there are two showers on the first floor of the Koglerhof. One of them is in the room that is directly accessible via the outside stairs from the terrace. The other is signposted in the corridor on the first floor. Toilets and showers are accessible around the clock from the dance floor on the terrace.
Please use these shared showers sparingly and considerately. Also remember that guests are sleeping in the other rooms.

Please leave the campground, the shower rooms and the instrument storage until Monday 10.30 a.m.

Since the Koglerhof is an inn, preparing, eating and carrying around home-cooked or brought-along food and drinks is only permitted on the camping grounds.

For cleaning camping dishes, there is a separate place on the tent meadow. Please fetch water only from the water tap provided for this purpose and empty the rinse water independently. For further information please contact the person responsible for the camping site.
Please do not misuse the shower rooms and WC facilities for washing dishes, nor for washing clothes.

We kindly ask you to keep a quiet between 0h and 9h in the vicinity of the tent meadow and camping vehicles.

Take personal belongings with you when you leave the premises of the inn and the garden. Please do not misuse the Koglerhof as storage space.

Open fires of any kind (torches, fire bowls, etc.), as well as petroleum and oil lamps, are strictly forbidden on the campsite.

Please observe the waste separation.

Collect empty glass bottles in the garage.

No liability is accepted for instruments and other items deposited in the instrument storeroom or elsewhere on the premises.

The arrangement for the tent meadow between the innkeeper and Alpen-KlangRausch is valid from Thursday afternoon until Monday morning. If you would like to camp there before or after that, please arrange this directly with the innkeeper (participants of the Dance&Music Summer Camp can camp from 16th August in the evening by prior arrangement with bureau @