Befer you continue, please take note of this important information:

The “Koglerhof” is a guesthouse and an organic farmer. Please be respectful to it’s inhabitants and property so that we can continue to work with them in the future.

Plesae don’t trespass on meadows that haven't been mowed yet or fields that are not yet harvested. Trespassing might incur economical damage.

Please don’t climb onto the silo bales. Holes in the cover might make the fodder rot.

Since the “Koglerhof“ is a guesthouse it's not allowed to prepare or bring your own food in the area of the guesthouse. This includes all rooms inside and the outdoor dining areas.

Please don't bring chairs or other furniture from the guesthouse outside.

Around the “Koglerhof” there is an archery track. If you want to use it please pay the fee directly at our host. Please take care to not get in the way of the archers it’s dangerous.

Please leave loud / sweeping percussion instruments (ie. djembe) at home. The surroundings don’t offer sufficient accoustic separation for these kinds of instruments. Thus they might impede other activities in the area. Percussionists are encouraged to consider this when choosing their instruments and are encouraged to use instruments with quickly fading / less far reaching sound like Cajons or frame drums.

For legal reasons it’s only allowed to play music that is public domain at the Alpen-KlangRausch. Participants who break this rule have to bear the costs incurred themselves.

With your registration you bindingly accept the complete house rules. Please read them carefully before you continue.

* Camping: Detailled information about camping can be found here.

* Smokers: Be careful with your stubs especially on the meadows. They might get eaten by the animals. Only put them in ash trays.

* Dogs or other pets: Please use a leash. Avoid dirt caused by your pet.

I’ve read the house-rules and want to continue with the registration.