Bringing dogs or other pets

There is no fundamental decision against bringing dogs or other pets. However, a few things to note:

  • The cattle on the surrounding pastures.

  • The wildlife, we are there in the middle of the open landscape, in the National Park Kalkalpen region.

  • The amount of people who often react unpredictably to animals and their owners (run, scream, scream, dance, push, are afraid ....)

  • Free-running children have very high priority..

  • Feces is a problem, even on the surrounding pastures, please collect.

  • Urinating in the area of ​​the event area is to be prevented (not least because of the infants).

  • There is an archery course in the immediate vicinity.

  • The campers keep their food at the open and also eat sitting on the ground.

  • The guests who eat in the garden of the inn.

  • Other dogs, such as those of the regulars of the Koglerhof.

  • There are cats at Koglerhof.


When it is assured that an animal is managed avoiding all these problems to our satisfaction, the animal is not a problem.
Because this concerns the safety and atmosphere of the event, our decision applies. If we see a problem, the animal has to leave. 
There is no interest in influencing any behavior of the visitors in such a way that the event becomes more suitable for dogs or other pets. That there are people who are afraid of dogs or other animals, unfounded or not is to be respected (and not discussed). 
  • As a result, dogs must be kept on a leash and, depending on the situation, also have to carry a bite basket (The final decision is up to the responsible person of the Alpen-Klangrausch team).

The animal is to be lead and keept under control around the clock by its responsible owner. So it might certainly be more relaxed to participate without the animal, but its the owner who knows his animal, its education and his own will to devote himself to the animal around the clock, even if doing else just would be nicer.