Welcome to Alpen-KlangRausch, the gathering for music, dance and amusement!

Unterm Baum am Koglerhof. Foto: Ernst Bimminger
Dear friends,
unfortunately, but probably not completely unexpected, we have to cancel Alpen-KlangRausch 2020.
Even though the situation seems to be slightly improving at the moment, some unsolved difficulties remain, among others in connection with camping (showers, sanitary facilities).
Depending on what one has indicated at the time of registration, we will either transfer back already paid contributions or credit them for Alpen-KlangRausch 2021.
If any of you would be interested in participating in a music workshop at the Koglerhof on the weekend of August 21 - 23, please let us know in the next days. It is one of our considerations, if there is enough interest, to hold such a music workshop where the participants can stay at the Koglerhof, camping would not be possible for the reasons mentioned above.
We are always available for your questions, also by phone at +43 681.10 30 70 90.
Thank you, health,
Hermann Haertel and Simon Wascher
PS: We are looking forward to seeing you at Alpen-KlangRausch 2021!



Alpen-KlangRausch takes place from August 21th to 23th 2020 in Ternberg in the Ennstal, south of the city of Steyr in Austria. The gathering is the place to dance, play music and sing, to eat together and to relax and simply have a good time. Don't forget to bring a good mood, your dancing shoes, instruments and friends!

We expect people from all over Europe and beyond.  During the meetings in last years the participants came from Belarus, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Germany, England, Estonia, France, Italy, Luxembourg, -Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Scotland, Sweden, Slovenia and (unsuprisingly) Austria.


Photos of 2018 can be found in Andis Foto Depot. For photos of 2016 see Simon Harhues's Galary. Those of 2015 are at Greg Carson's and Richard Pohl's Galery. Photos of the previous years can be found at kulturfoto.at.

Tanzabend 2013.JPG

Ein Tanzabend am AlpenKlang-Rausch. Foto: Ernst Bimminger
Tanzabend. Foto: Ernst Bimminger