Program forecast

Unsere Programmprognose. Foto: Andreas Seyfang

The program is created from your contributions

So if you want to play to the dance, to give a workshop or a concert or other kind of show, to give a lecture or to exhibit something, that can be done at any time.

We take care of the announcement and coordination of the contributions, but of course you can start on the spot, just spontaneously. 


Such Spontaneous contributions are very welcome, but contributions coordinated with us in advance have priority over spontaneous ones.
Contact us by e-mail to plan your contribution in advance.  We are pleased to announce contributions as early as possible on the Alpen-KlangRausch website. 
Contributions planned ahead with us also allow to make sure there will be a room under the roof for it in case of rain.
Since we can not pay any fees, we can not oblige anyone to effectively run offered contributions, so everything we announce is a program forecast.